Our approach

From liquid detergent to disinfectant. And from all-purpose cleaner to fabric softener. We develop, produce and deliver strong private label products in liquid detergents and cleaning products. Curious? We’ll explain how. 

Your demands

We use our know-how, but always stick to your functional requirements as well as laws and regulations.

All-in service

We develop the recipe, take care of the packaging, produce and deliver the product.

Free advice

Besides developing and producing, we give advice on suitable product assortments.

Understanding the process

You’re looking for a suitable partner to create a private label in liquid detergents —and you came to us. But before you contact us, you want to understand our work method. Rightly so! That’s why we like to show you how we work.

Step one

Getting acquainted

Whether you’re looking for a single product or a whole assortment of private label liquid detergents and cleaning products, it starts with getting acquainted. Together we take stock of your wishes, needs and functional requirements. We immerse ourselves in your organisation and then advise you on the possibilities. We do this without any obligations.

Vipack our approach
Private label development in the lab

Step two

Product development in the lab

Did you finally cut the Gordian knot and decided to work together with us? Then we’ll start with the development of the recipe. Our lab technicians work on developing a satisfactory formula. Satisfied? Then we have third parties test it. ust a few adjustments and— voilà! Your unique recipe is ready to be used.

Step three

Stylish packaging

The packaging is crucial for the product’s appearance and market value. That’s why we pay particular attention to what the bottles look like, the closures used and the design of the labels, prints or sleeves. We do this ourselves, in our own factory and design studio. Would you prefer doing this yourself? Of course you can. We will only start producing when the packaging meets all the requirements and you are satisfied.

Private label packaging
Private label production

Step four

Superfast production

Ready. Set. Go. We produce litres of your unique formula at lightning speed in our mixing tanks, connect them to the production lines and then the bottles fly through our production and packaging machines. Once filled, your products are placed on pallets, wrapped in foil and stored safely in our warehouse.

Step five

Off to the customer

You place the order and our warehouse employees prepare the products and load the lorries at the appointed time. Because we use the most efficient stock management and logistics systems, your products are delivered quickly to your points of sale. In the meantime, we will manage the stock, so it is easier for us to respond and deliver quickly the next time you place an order. Every order, every time.

Vipack transport
Assortiment onderhoud private label

Step six

Assortment maintenance and evaluation

Maintaining a private label is an ongoing process. That’s why we reflect from time to time on the partnership and see if the assortment needs to be renewed. This could be a recipe adjustment or a renewed design. This way, we make sure that your private label is strong, and remains strong.

Convinced and ready to set up your own private label?